Bodybuilding Is A Lifestyle Not Just Casual Days At The GYM!

As I look back on my competing days (Mr. Universe in 1988) as a Body Builder I recall having to stay very focused on my diet, as well as, my workout routines because I understood that it was a big part of me getting to the top. With that said, I noticed that people were telling me I was a natural, and now I attribute it to my body type. Now being natural doesn’t mean that I didn’t have to work hard, it just meant that most of my competitors were not naturals, and they had to stay even more focused on their diets and workouts which is why I had an edge.

Now that I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and Coach with my own fitness center (All-In-One Fitness of Scottsdale), I’ve been helping hundreds of people to reach their fitness and wellness goals over the years by drawing from all of the knowledge I’ve acquired. I can’t begin to tell you how much more effective I am as a Personal Training Coach, and why it allows me to get my clients to their ideal goals faster and with better results.

You see when you understand your body type early in life it can give you that edge we all look for in competition, as well as in life, regardless of what it is we’re hoping to achieve health-wise.