5 Benefits To PHA – Peripheral Heart Action Workout Circuit Training

Are You Looking To…
Improvements in cardiovascular fitness.
Improvements in muscular strength.
Improvements in muscular endurance.
Increased social interaction during a workout.
Increased adherence to exercise.

Peripheral heart action training or PHA training may sound like something you might have performed on yourself in a doctor’s office, however, it’s actually a form of training developed decades ago by Dr. Arthur Steinhaus in the 1940s.

The idea behind PHA -Peripheral heart action training is to elevate your metabolism by doing exercises in a certain order so that your blood keeps circulating throughout your body.

Therefore, PHA is basically a type of circuit training that eventually became popular in the 1960s when Mr. Universe, Bob Gajda, started using this kind of training. The idea is that you do five to six exercises, one after the other, with no, rests in between just like a typical circuit training workout.

The difference is that you alternate between an upper-body exercise and a lower-body exercise. That’s what keeps the blood circulating during the entire workout process.

In the 70s another young fitness enthusiast by the name of Wayne Hammonds took on this type of training and became Mr. Universe A Winner Of Over 20 First Place Awards And Awarded The NATIONWIDE BODYBUILDING CHAMPION.

Wayne said that he has a true love for exercise and he is now passing it on by helping others. He is the owner and operator of ALL IN ONE FITNESS IN SCOTTSDALE, AZ where his business has been since  September 1998.

Whether you are looking to participate in a body-building competition or just simply lose weight, tone up, and get healthy All in One Fitness may be the Personal Training environment you will find options to suit your needs at a very reasonable cost.

As with many of the trends that come and go, they often start decades in the past only to come back around and become popular again. What has put PHA on the map is the fact that scientists had never really studied the effects of PHA Peripheral Heart Action Workout Training until recently when several experts decided to explore the idea that PHA training could be a valid substitute for high-intensity interval training.

To learn more about getting to experience this type of personalized training from an expert Personal Trainer Sen SAI who has lived and used the PHA   Peripheral Heart Action Workout Circuit Training Technique for over 40 years and he has the Tropics to prove that it works! CLICK HERE.

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