Fitness Services


Competitive Bodybuilding: 

all in one fitness scottsdaleWeightlifting And Bodybuilding Classes led by primary instructor Wayne Hammonds have been participating in Physical Fitness and Body Building for over 50 years. You define the level of weightlifting exercises you’re looking for and All In One Fitness can help to get you there.





Personal Training Sessions:

all in one fitness classesAll In One Fitness Classes have been around for years and now we’re bringing them full circle to help our customers adjust to the New Normal… Social Distancing and Fitness etc. Avoid the fads and attempt to keep up with the popular workout of the month! The answer is to stick with proven workout routines that I know works, and have been around over the years. are effective and fun in many ways.



Kickboxing Classes:

DAREN BURKLEY-Martel_ArtsMartial Arts Trainer And Master Teacher – Sifu Daren Burkley A Member Of The Green Dragon Society And The Wu Chi Tao Monastery Temple. He Has An Overall Of 50 Years Of Martial Arts Experience In The Feared And Formidable Art Of Chi Tao Chuan Gung Fu!




Kangoo Jump Classes:

kangoo_Jump_classesKangoo Jumps, with its patented Impact Protection System, reduce the impact up to 80%, as confirmed by 3 distinct scientific studies. Below you can see a chart from one study that compares individuals using normal footwear during exercise versus individuals using Kangoo Jumps. This graph is taken from a study that was done at the University of Nevada by Jason Vance and John A. Mercer.